Another Book Review by a Middle School Student

Well, I like it!

            “Sisters of the Last Straw and the Vanishing Novice” by Karen Kelly Boyce is a great story about five nuns and their friend Kathy. In the beginning of the book the nuns have a new sister in training named Kathy. Kathy’s dog, Gracie, made a puddle of pee on the floor and it was messy. The sisters were going to give families bags of food. While they deliver food, Kathy vanishes. Will they ever find Kathy, their sister in training?
          I like this book because it is funny. Mr. Lemon is still trying to get them kicked out of town, so they sort of have an enemy. The Puppy in the story makes it more interesting. The story is easy to visualize. I recommend the book to readers who like mystery and humor.

Tai, 7th grade


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