Tis the Season...

I love the holiday season. I enjoy staring at the colorful lights, ooh and aahing at a variety of nativity scenes and wishing my friends "Happy Chanukah", "Merry Christmas", "Happy Kwanzaa", and "Happy Boxing Day" for whichever one they celebrate. Saying "Happy Holidays" is much too impersonal for me. As for me, Jesus's birthday celebration is the one I grew up with. Oh, how I love to celebrate birthdays!

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in two vendor fairs, one at a high school and the other for Circle of Ten. I had a great time at both and met some neat people, including Dr. Stanley El, with whom I will have a radio interview (89.7 WGLS FM) at Rowan University on December 21st at 5pm.

In the meantime, and noteworthy for the fans of A Beautiful Girl, Rick (one of my main characters) has been flooding my mind with conversation and scenes. Sara (the focus of the story) has not been silent either. I believe I'm on the path to writing a sequel.

So, now I'm off to immerse myself in all the good this holiday season has to offer.

Be safe!


  1. Hi Cass, Just received your card and had me floored to see that you wrote a book. Really you need to send me a warning label with your cards that you wrote a book . As a longtime classmate from St.Mary's and now Librarian from St. Croix I never knew you wrote poetry and had literary aspirations. Please inform me of this so that I can post it on my facebook page. I need an autographed copy and is shipping included? I support VI authors.
    Still in shock that I never knew. This is one Christmas letter I will never forget.

  2. You are forgiven...