Finally on Amazon

A Beautiful Girl is now on sale on Amazon.  This great story can be purchased for download to any reader that can read Kindle format.  If you have already purchased the paperback or PDF, please go to Amazon and leave a comment.



  1. I originally felt it'd be a little strange for a guy like myself to take interest in this book, but after reading the first chapter on the link above, I probably will pick up a paperback. Maybe I'm over-analyzing but having this girl at this catalytic age being forced into this new environment from the pressure not only forced of fear, but in discovering herself makes her a rather interesting character to follow. Convenient my recently signed bookmark brought me to this page with the preview.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and interest in Sara's story. Even before I published this novel, I knew some guys would be interested in the story. An engineer read the rough version and gave it great reviews. Enjoy! Please leave a comment here or on Amazon once you've read the entire book.