Have you reviewed a book lately?

In my attempt to encourage readers to review my novels online, I've learned just how hard it is to get those reviews even if they totally loved the story.  I've also learned that the number of reviews received affects ratings which in turn affects how many see the book when they perform searches.

So, I've made a decision to review books I've read, especially those written by up-and-coming or indie authors.  Some authors have even contacted me to thank me.

I hope that everyone reading this blog will review, not only my novels, but also those by other authors.

You may leave reviews for A Beautiful Girl on my website store, Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, and Goodreads or any other site where you purchased a copy.

You may leave reviews for Love's Intensity on Wild Child Publishing, Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, and Goodreads or any other site where you purchased a copy.

Oh, and consider these teen novels for holiday gifts.

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