Favorite Writing Moments

Here are some special memories I experienced while writing/editing/proofreading my manuscripts:
  • Hearing my sons' laughter in another room
  • The cat crawling onto my lap, under my wrists, to watch me type
  • Unplugged and typing while listening to a fantastic thunderstorm
  • The dog, jealous of the cat, nudging my elbow. Oops!
  • Taking a break to read an email saying I received a book contract
  • Daring to write over 50,000 words during NanoWriMo 2011 and winning
  • Searching for my name on Amazon and seeing five books listed makes me smile in spite of editing a difficult scene
  • Receiving another great book review
  • My boys giving me a nod when I show them a good cover design
I'm so grateful for these gifts.

Here's my website where you can read excerpts and learn about my other manuscripts.

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