Accomplishments in 2017

What a challenging year...2017! Nevertheless, I accomplished a few of my writing goals:
  • Released the print format of Billiard Buddies in February
  • Signed a contract for If It Kills Me with Keith Publications in October
  • Finished typing in all the scenes (clocked at ~74 hours) from loose sheets and notebooks in November
I'd been pursuing the third goal for a few years, so it felt great finally completing that one. Once again, I'm grateful to the South Jersey Writers' Group for holding a class on making SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Limited) goals. I'd used this approach for my day job but had never thought of using it for my writing projects. It worked so well in 2017 that I'm doing it again in 2018.

Looking forward to what I can accomplish next.

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