Mid-Summer Push

With the warmth of summer making an appearance, the inclination to spend more time relaxing on the porch or going to the beach with family and friends increases. Despite that, I've maintained the writing momentum started back in January. The three works in progress are coming along with respect to merging additional files containing individual scenes into the appropriate location in the chosen story. From time to time, new scenes come to mind that help to fill out the plot. The way my brain creates never ceases to amaze me.

I did received a couple rejections for poetry contests I entered earlier this year, but that, I've learned, is the journey of a writer. I'm waiting to hear from a few more contests. Hoping for a winner.

I've also carved out some time to work on my website. There's much to do. Hopefully, I'll catch up by the end of summer and begin a repeatable rhythm.

That's all for now. Back to writing.

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