I did it! Three releases in one year.

 And what a year it has been. 

I remember planning out 2020 with the intention of relaunching Love's Intensity and publishing two stories, If It Kills Me and Danny R.O.S.S., both of which had been contracted previously with small house traditional publishers. With the closing of those companies, I was left with the decision to try other publishing houses or take the leap into self-publishing these manuscripts. This meant hiring editors and cover designers. Then, the stay-at-home order hit. 

I reassessed and forged ahead despite the unknowns swirling around me. I reached out to a few people, not knowing if they'd be up for working with me. Some said yes, and others said no. With additional pieces coming together, I said a prayer and planned out the release dates: 7/11, 9/21, and 11/1. Though this year has not been free of sickness for my extended family, I persevered. Staying focused helped me deal with the unsettling moods popping up around me.

I present to you my three 2020 releases. Check them out on Amazon and please leave reviews. They are much appreciated.

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