It's All About the Waiting


So, what do I do while I wait on the results of a writing contest? Keep on writing, of course. The characters I've dreamed up don't take a break just because the results of a submission is pending. 

This year, I didn't wait until the last week before the contest ended which meant I've had to endure a much longer period before hearing the results (around August 1st).

After pressing the send button in May, I've focused my attention on editing my first ever vampire story. I enjoy reading these types of stories and/or watching the movies spawned from them, dark and full of action. However, I avoided writing in this genre before because the market was oversaturated and I didn't want my story to get lost in the great ocean of authors who write about vampires.

I'm also continuing to tidy up the screenplay version of A Beautiful Girl. My thought became reality during NaNoWriMo2020, and, if I keep plugging away at it, I just might be able to complete it by the beginning of NaNoWriMo2021.

In addition to three other stories that are slowly closing in on the first draft, I am delving into the corrections received from two Beta readers for Just Between Us.

So, even though I'm waiting, I am not merely sitting around languishing. The world keeps turning and so do I.

Keep writing, my friends.

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