2nd Saturday in Collingswood on June 11th

Attended my first ever 2nd Saturday event in Collingswood. Had a blast speaking to many people and even made a sale. So glad the rain held off.


  1. Hi Cassandra I think I was the sale that day. It took me awhile to get around to reading your book, but once I started I read straight through that day. It was well done and interesting to to get both sides of the story. It was sad, touching, heartwarming and at times suspenseful. I couldn't wait for Sara to get home from the Poconos for example. It was helpful to understand how an abuser wields fear to control people By the way, did Rick and Sara stay together or have they since gone their separate ways?

  2. Thanks so much, Robin. Hmm. I'm not quite sure whether Rick and Sara stay together. I've received many requests for a second book to answer questions like that. Currently, I'm working on other projects. However, Rick and Sara do have a special place in my heart, so chances are they'll share more of their story through me someday. Stay tuned.