Copy of "A Beautiful Girl" purchased at local book store

So cool to have sold a copy of my novel at Collingswood Book Trader on June 25th. It's the first one anyone bought at that store.


  1. Congrats Cassandra! That is sooooo exciting!!

  2. TO : Cassandra Ulrich - 11/9/11

    I encountered Cassandra Ulrich at a town event where she wassigning and providing the personal opportunity to become introduced to her andher novel A Beautiful Girl.

    Uninformed as to her other career and only glancing at thecover and title, but missing the words (and relevance of) the sub-title “Cananyone rescue me”, I challenged this stunning young author with a question Ithought frankly (actually purposely)might be just a little tough to handle.

    I said “looking at me (a 5o something year old white guy)and understanding that I am a corporate business management software salesexecutive, what entertaining and rewarding experience should I expect to gainfrom reading your book. As it turned out I had baited my own mental mousetrap,which she adeptly, metaphorically snapped shut.

    With instant adeptness, confidence and clairvoyant insight,I felt well beyond her years, Cassandra replied. If you appreciate an Alfred Hitchcockclassic, you will ” absolutely” be highly entertained by this book. “Damn” I said (to myself) and “sold” I said(out loud), as immediately conjured images of Psycho, Marnie etc. flashedthrough my mind, “you’ve got yourself a customer” (and new fan).

    Familiar now as I am with how skillfully she uses a dualnarrative, shades-of-Hitchcock, approach to absorb the reader into amultidimensional view of an all too real world drama, I highly recommend youacquire this book and become a satisfied reader as well.

    Forgiving the coincidence of her ironically malevolent casting my namesake (Chuck) in her novel, mythanks for a great read and congratulations to Cassandra Ulrich withanticipation of further great work and your bright career to unfold.

    Chuck Hensley / Collingswood, NJ