Another successful 2nd Saturday in Collingswood

Once again, I enjoyed numerous conversations with friendly neighborhood residents. It was neat to see how excited they became over a local person finishing a novel. Oh, and I passed the sales person test. One gentleman bought my book just because I presented a good sales pitch. My thoughts? - I am emotionally invested in my book. I love it, so I am eager to tell others about it.

Have you read my novel yet? If so, leave a comment. If not, check out the link in the left column to "Buy A Beautiful Girl".


  1. Hi there. I saw you briefly at the Collingswood Book Festival. I must say, out of all the writers and sellers there, you were the only one to actually step out to greet people with a smile and pass out marketing that I actually held on to. I myself am an aspiring writer as well. I'm curious - where did you get your bookmark printed?

  2. Thanks, James. I used Lady Printing for the bookmarks.