The Treehouse - what a cool place to read.

So, I read my novel A Beautiful Girl over a two hour period today, and, even with the tired vocal cords, it was a great time. It's one thing to read to your kids. However, to read to adults? Wow, that's a whole different atmosphere. What a blast acting out my lead female and male characters with only my voice!

I also talked to some really cool people. Who knows, maybe I'll read my book or speak at a teen event someday soon.

My favorite part of the event was answering questions. I also realized that I should probably have played the song that inspired the book. Anyway, I definitely intend to do this again.

Pics taken by Tai.


  1. How amazing to be able to read your book to others and answer questions. It would be great if next time you could play the song that inspired it all. Congrats on a fun journey.

  2. That's great... I may run into you in a bookstore now...cool!