My Review of "Connected" by Kat Stiles

Enjoyable! I received an advance copy of Y.A. novel “Connected” by Kat Stiles for an honest review. It’s an enjoyable tale about Emily Milford, a high school sophomore with a newly discovered power to heal. She just happens to have a best friend, Roz, with an ability to see into the future, and a new boyfriend, Tommy, who could hear and see from great distances.  With a tight friendship among this trio and a school nurse, Judy, with healing powers of her own, the teens embark on a local mystery to solve a murder and prevent anyone else from getting hurt.

The main characters are believable and their interactive banter fun to read. The villain, Dr. Keith Hayes, is a bit one dimensional, but the depth of the three main characters seems to overshadow that deficiency. Some of the scenes between Emily and Tommy seemed to end abruptly, not allowing the reader to completely enjoy the few moments they spent alone together. However, the overall cadence of the story kept me interested from beginning to end. I enjoyed the little twists as I learned about the extent of their abilities. And what’s up with Emily’s memories about her father? I can hardly wait to get the scoop on that thread and learn more about how much Tommy is truly capable of. I must admit Tommy’s my favorite character.

I absolutely recommend this novel and look forward to part two of this enjoyable story.


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