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Hi Cassandra and fellow book lovers!

Cassandra, thanks so much for interviewing me as part of the blog tour for our new children’s book, All is Assuredly Well. 

With the tendency for authors to have many favorite books, what’s a favorite book of yours?
Oh my.  That’s like asking what my favorite dessert is.  Today it’s custard pie (and I have one in the oven right now!) eaten with a spoon.  Tomorrow, it might be thinly-sliced banana with heavy cream and cinnamon served in a crystal stemmed dessert glass.  The next day, maybe it’s pecan pie cooked until the pecans are caramelized, the pecans eaten first with my fingers.

If I have to pick only one book, today I’ll say John Irwin’s A Prayer for Owen Meany.  But I have to tell you that I got spanked twice in eighth grade for hiding a copy of Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield behind my science textbook during class.  So in some respects, that will always be my favorite book because I had to pay a high price for reading it.

Besides reading/writing, what do you like to do for fun?
From reading your marvelous book, A Beautiful Girl, I assume that you’re a musician.   I’m a musician, too, who has played clarinet off and on for 55 years.  For the last five years since I retired, I have played in two bands every week, the celebrated Hot Springs Concert Band (an audition-only organization) and Hot Springs New Horizons Band (a no-audition band for less skilled musicians).  And like paying a price for reading David Copperfield, I had to pay a price to play clarinet.

My dad put my brother in band when my brother was in fifth grade and I in second.  I said wanted to be in band when I got to fifth grade, too, but my dad said no, that band was for boys.  My dad said that piano was a more appropriate musical aspiration for a girl than band was.

I continued to beg to be allowed to be in band, so Daddy said that if I completed two years of piano, he would consider letting me study either clarinet or flute privately (those being the only two instruments appropriate for a girl to play if she were to play in band).  Then, if after six months of instruction, my private teacher recommended it, my dad would consider letting me join band.

So from January of fourth grade through December of sixth grade, I took piano from the most uninspiring teacher imaginable, but the one who was my lawyer-daddy’s client, so the only one he would consider.  I’d completed my end of the contract; therefore, for Christmas, my parents gave me a used clarinet, and on January 4, 1964 at 11:30 in the morning, Daddy took me to the junior high band hall and enrolled me in private lessons with Maestro Wilson, who became like a second father to me, and is my co-author on this book.

He strongly recommended to my father that I be allowed to start band in seventh grade, so I did, two years behind my band peers.  I hated being the only kid in seventh grade band who had never been in band, didn’t know how it worked, what to do.  Heck, I didn’t even know that you had assigned seating based on tryouts!  I didn’t know how to follow a conductor because I had only studied privately.  I was a whiz at reading music because I’d had two years of piano, and six months of private clarinet lessons, but I was a stranger in a strange land as far as band went, and yet I knew I’d found my tribe.

What/Who inspired you to write?
Nobody inspired me to write.  I’m a writer.  Writing is what I do.  It’s who I am.  But Maestro Wilson was first to recognize my talent as a wordsmith and encourage it.  Because I came from a family of literati/public speakers/writers, nobody thought my verbal talents exceptional.  But Maestro Wilson saw that compared to my peers, my verbal skills were exceptional, so he encouraged them by playing word games with me when I was hanging around the band hall with the other kids after school.

How many projects have you completed/published?
I was a college professor for 20 years, and a public school teacher for 16.  As a professor, I wrote or was the first author of five books for teachers and parents, one of which was translated into French.  I was a major or minor contributor to other books on education.

When I retired, my five books in English were shelved in more than 1,200 libraries around the world on every continent except Antarctica. 

Years ago I was published in Western Horseman, Farm Woman News, etc.  

I frequently write short stories, and when I was submitting them to contests, did well. The first national contest I placed in was decades ago in The American Kennel Club Gazette. I won second place in a national competition on WOW Women-on-Writing a couple of years ago.  http://www.wow-womenonwriting.com/67-FE1-Summer15Contest.html

I was sick and crazy on prescription cold medication when WOW asked me to send a photo immediately, so I had my friend take my picture without thinking about how I looked.  My eyes looked wild from the medication, and my hair was so crazy that someone put my picture up on Pintrest under BAD HAIR.  I’m still laughing.

What are their genres?
The previous books are all non-fiction for parents and teachers.  Our new book, All is Assuredly Well, is a picture book, a fairytale bedtime story for the children of same-sex parents, although we hope that many parents will want to share it with their children to show that families come in many forms. 

What’s your most/least favorite thing about being a writer?
I love writing fiction because it allows me to live a thousand lives and transcend time and space. Be a human, or an alien, or an octopus if I want.  In fact, I have been an octopus in a book for adults that I haven’t found an agent for yet.

Most hated?  The lousy, rotten, sucky internet service where I live. 

What do you consider as the biggest lesson learned from being a published writer? 
Some people will love what you write.  Some people will hate it.  Write anyway.

Any final words?
For writers?  The unoriginal “Put your butt in the chair and your fingers on the keyboard.”

For parents of young children?  Buy our book and read it to your child at bedtime.  Teach them that families come in every form imaginable.  Love, not shared DNA, makes a family.

Where can readers find your writings? (online and brick/mortar bookstores)
Right now, All is Assuredly Well is available in paper and as an e-book on Amazon. (For a limited time, it’s on Amazon Unlimited.)  Because we won a Kirkus star, I’m told that we’ll end up in brick/mortar stores and libraries in time.  We’ll see.

Where can fans find you online? (Give links to social media, web site, etc.)
I have a wonderful marketing director who runs our website, www.allisassuredlywell.com or www.childrenslgbtbooks.com  Both are the same site. 

We’re also on Facebook, so search for us there.  Dannet’s also set us up with a Twitter and Youtube accounts, but we haven’t done anything with them yet.

Thank you so much, Cassandra, for hosting us on our blog tour! 

Professor Gore (AKA Millie)

Professor M. C. Gore holds the doctorate in education from the University of Arkansas.  She taught first grade through graduate school for 36 years in New Mexico, Missouri, and Texas.    She was a professional horse wrangler and wilderness guide and continues to play clarinet in two community bands.  She is Professor Emeritus from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas where she held two distinguished professorships. Her books for teachers and parents are shelved in over a thousand libraries throughout the world.  She is retired and lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Maestro Phillip Wilson was a public-school band director, music teacher, composer, and arranger for 28 years.  His primary instrument is the trumpet, and he is also a campañero (bell ringer). Although he is over 80, he continues to serve as Music Director and Cantor at his church.   He is a life-long resident of New Mexico and was born in Santa Fe. Although his genotype is Dutch and Scotch-Irish, his soul is Hispanic.  He was Professor Gore’s music teacher and band director, and although the loving biological father of seven musical children, he is a soul-father of the hundreds of students he has taught.

Artist Angie F. M. Trotter holds a BA in Religion and Fine Art. Her pen and ink illustrations are a fusion of icons, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass window design, and her spiritual life. She is also a chronic migraine suffer and her art helps calm her symptoms. Her mother was a folk artist; her father was an architect and fine artist, so she has been surrounded by art her whole life. Her work has been compared to the masters of the Golden Age of British book illustration.  She lives in Arkansas.

Book Summary

King Phillip the Good and his husband, The Most Excellent Don Carlos Emiliano Felipe de Compañero y Campañero, live sedate, uneventful lives until King Phillip dreams of having a baby girl. Structured around The Hero's Journey, King Phillip must follow his mentor, the Blue Star, and encounter allies (a newt and a bluejay) and overcome gatekeepers (a biting fish and a bear) as he completes a series of tasks to prove himself worthy of becoming a father. Once proven, the Blue Star presents him with a baby girl in the middle of a fairy circle of a thousand different flowers in a thousand brilliant hues.  He returns home to present Baby Milliflora to his husband, and the loving husbands joyfully become loving fathers.
Genre: Children’s Books
Publisher: Camille Lancaster Literary Children’s Books
ISBN: 978-0-9998880-0-1

All is Assuredly Well is available as an ebook and print at Amazon.com.

About the author, Professor Gore

Professor Gore's proudest hours were spent in Federal Court testifying as an expert witness and plaintiff against the city she loved. The city commission had passed an amendment that banned Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy's Roommate from the children's section of the public library. A storyteller, Professor Gore is delighted to contribute to the canon she once defended.

About the Author, Maestro Wilson

Co-author Maestro Phillip Wilson is a retired band director, music teacher, composer, and arranger. A poet at heart, his love for word play and ear for rhythm and meter lend themselves well to the lyrical art of storytelling.

About the Illustrator, Angie F. M. Trotter

Artist Angie F. M. Trotter holds a BA in Religion and Fine Art. Her pen and ink illustrations are an amalgamation of icons, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass window design, and her spiritual life. Her work has been compared to the masters of the Golden Age of British book illustration. 
You can find more about All is Assuredly Well and the authors and the illustrator online:

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  1. Thank you so much, Cassandra, for hosting us on our blog tour!

    Keep reading, writing, and blogging, and remember in challenging times that all will soon be most assuredly well. Professor Gore

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