Updating the PHP

Updating the what now?

PHP is scripting language called Hypertext Preprocessor, but, to me, it's the thing, if not updated properly on one's website, can render it unreachable and useless.

In the spring, during my first attempt at updating cassandraulrich.com, I made a mess of things. Monumental sized. Not only was an error message popping up every time I tried to access any page on my site, but I could also no longer update/change/fix my error. Talk about a Rock and a Hard Place.

Thank goodness for my site's host, Inmotion Hosting. They had my site up and running within a half hour. Website life was good once again.

Then, the dreaded reminder came months later to update the site's PHP again in order to protect against all the known nasty web invasions. Eeek!

Do I call for help this time or try updating by myself again? They are only an instant message away if I mess up, right?

For those of you who know me, I'm not a quitter and I don't like not knowing/understanding how to do something or how I messed up the last time. I can read and follow directions, can't I?

So, I click on links, take notes, and talk my brain through the steps. Took me an hour to do that and download the needed apps to backup my site, something I hadn't done the last time--yes, i was panicking back in the spring. And, wouldn't you know, I did it! My site stayed up, ready for visitors to check out my latest posts.

I understand that not many have the stamina for this type of stress, but I'm a writer with a technical background. I refuse to let the web trip me up. I'm not a glutton for punishment, though. If indeed I encounter an issue best left to professional IT folks, I have no problem letting them at it. It's just really fulfilling to do something I was never trained for on the job.

Don't underestimate what you can do.

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