Behind the Scenes: Battle at Kitee

Battle at Kitee is a futuristic depiction of warfare in 2030 with a cast of characters, both human and mechanical, the reader won't soon forget.

Inspiration / Muse:
I enjoy watching Sci Fi Adventures, like iRobot, Bourne Identity, and G.I. Joe. I just never thought I'd write a story that painted a battlefield in a country no one can find on the globe with action worthy of the movie screen.

The goal was to write about technologies that might have a place on the battlefield a decade from now. 

A fellow author and friend informed me about a Mad Scientist writing contest. At first, I thought...Neat. Then, I wondered if I'd ever be able to pull off a sci fi adventure story when I'd only written YA/NA sweet romances, an inspirational story, and poetry up to that point. An injury placed any research or planning on hold for about a month. By the time I recovered, only one week remained before the submission deadline. I wasn't going to bother until two coworkers encouraged me to give it a go. They said, "What do you have to lose?" So, I agreed to think something up, knowing I wouldn't be able to have anyone edit it before I pressed the send button. My research consisted of talking to a former military guy at my office and reading any websites he pointed me to. But what about the story? My mind was blank. So I said a prayer, asking for a scene I could write about. In an instant, the mental motion picture of the Battle of Kitee started running. Check out The creating of "Battle at Kitee" for additional information about the contest.

Meaning behind the cover:
No cover needed for this entry, but brainstorming one would be really cool.

Impact / Tribute:
I'm so glad I leaped into this story with the imagination of wonder as the words created an amazing landscape with self-aware drones and helicopters with personality. Thanks to my friends who encourage me to keep taking risks with my writing. It surely is a type of self-discovery.

The twelfth in the Behind the Scenes series is planned for September 5, 2020.

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