Cover Reveal for "If It Kills Me"


He just couldn't catch a break. That is, until he met Jessica Stewart.

After losing a promising accounting job, Jaeson secures a position at a coffee shop where he first meets Jessica. He instantly falls for her, but weeks later, he is shocked to find out his playboy-turned-suddenly-serious roommate, Rick Springer, is her new boyfriend. Jaeson, thrown into the middle of this mismatched pairing, is left tormented that he cannot have what he wants most. He's determined to let her know how much he loves her... even if he dies trying. 


A New Adult Romantic Comedy novel by Cassandra Ulrich COMING SOON on Amazon


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  1. Best of luck Cassandra, really impressed with your prolific output!

  2. I'm impressed with the number of books you have written. I just know "If it Kills me" will be a big success.

    1. Thank you! A movie of it would be really cool.

  3. Aww. You saying that warms my heart. Thanks.