Behind the Scenes: Life Experienced

Life Experienced is a collection of poetry depicting colorfully splashed moments of activity from life in the U.S. Virgin Islands to college in Chico, California, including daydreams, observations, and memories, some happy, others filled with sorrow or hope. Life is too short not to be experienced to the full every day.

Inspiration / Muse:
These poems were written during or after some experience snatched up an emotion and brought it to the surface. They span my life from middle school through college, a time when I did a lot of gut-felt meditation on who I was and what I wanted to be. Nature (of which humans are a part) affected me in many ways and that became apparent in the titles and stanzas of my poems.

In one word? Experiences. I never wrote essays in a journal. I wrote poems to express what I thought and felt. I showed in words the things I saw, remembered, or longed for. They give hints to my valued friendships, my fears, and my prayers. I attempted to bring sounds to a blank page.

No matter where I lived or what I went through, I kept God close. My choices always kept me moving from the few friends I made. However, those same choices took me away from those who bullied me. No matter what, I asked God to guide my steps (Psalms 119:105) and He has brought me through some unforgettable experiences. Poems are my memoir.

Meaning behind the cover:
The college student who painted the cover for Real Purpose: You are Special also painted the cover for Life Experienced. I wanted green as the main color to represent the life-giving essence that experiences can potentially bring. Flowing water means a lot me, so I am pleased that both water and trees ended up in the painting although I had not specifically requested it. The poems spoke on my behalf.

Impact / Tribute:
Although I've experienced many things since middle school, high school, and college, the words in this book brings back all the emotions of that time and place. I hope that this collection can encourage others to live their lives to the full as well.

The fifth in the Behind the Scenes series is planned for May 2, 2020.


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