Celebrating the Release of "Just Between Us"

 I released Just Between Us on January 20, 2022, on Amazon (Kindle, Print) and held a book release party on Facebook on January 22, 2022. I was so thrilled to celebrate an older sister's birthday in this way. I wanted to publish this story a year ago, but so many things worked against that happening. In fact, the release almost didn't occur this year on the day I wanted. I spent the better part of the previous week applying proofreading corrections and formatting the manuscript for both eBook and paperback.

The party was a hit with over a dozen in attendance and numerous views afterwards. I read the first two chapters plus the beginning of the third in voices that match how I heard each character speaking as I wrote the story. Many of the viewers suggested I record audio books. More to come on that possibility. 

In the meantime, please consider purchasing a copy of Just Between Us and do leave a review so others can read what you thought about it.

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