Best Sales Ever

Saturday, February 26, 2022, started out as any other vendor event day as I drove with a carful of books, a wagon, and a display case to my destination in Willingboro, NJ. Many other vehicles vied for position around me, quite busy for 8am traffic. A half-hour later, I pulled up to the curb in a space just vacated by another hopeful vendor. The crisp morning air didn't delay the flutter of helpers. Even check-in went without a hitch. I paced myself, not wanting to expend a lot of energy too soon. After all, I had nine hours ahead of me. I said a prayer and began to unpack the tablecloths, signage, bookmarks, mugs, and books. Hope welled up within me as the start time drew closer.

Once the flow of shoppers began, it hardly slowed down. I greeted many and gave the elevator pitch for the fourteen books stacked on the six-tier stand. The popular question, "You wrote all these books?" was met with something like, "Eleven, yes. I have short stories in two Chicken Soup for the Soul editions and one in a Cat & Mouse anthology." Jaws couldn't drop any lower. A handful of folks who'd heard me read a scene the previous week from Just Between Us picked up the book they'd thought about ever since I'd introduced them to Zach and Tosha. I kept signing books until after closing.

At the end of the day, I'd experienced my best sales day ever. These are the kinds of days every indie author dreams about. I'm so very grateful. Thank you to everyone who visited my table. You are much appreciated. Enjoy!

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