Poetry from the Heart

The words I write are meant to inspire goodness and make people think. Even ones written when I was a teen seem to come from a more mature mind. Real Purpose: You Are Special defies the thought that what we do makes us special. Instead, this collection elevates 'being' or 'existing' as the only thing needed for a person to be considered 'special.'


What is love that I should give it?
What is life that I should need it?
What is earth that I should till it?
What is faith that I should have it?

What is salvation that I should treasure it?
What is God’s presence that I should crave it?
What is eternity with Jesus that I should hunger for it?
What is redemption that I should take it?

 Life Experienced draws the reader into a number of events that must be experienced to be appreciated at the fullest extent. Let this collection take you to another place, another time.


Children of Pain
Screaming…just a way of life
Never knowing where the next breath shall be
Always on the run
Why can’t their lives be normal?
How can I feel their embrace of death?

Worms, long, slimy, hungry, eat at their future
The sting of hunger and hatred is too much for them.
Oh, how I wish I could ease away the flood of sorrow.
How can I stop their pain?

Uselessness is my everyday companion as I look toward the East.
I can only dream of their broken hearts as their parents die before them.
Why?  Why?
Is there no medicine, no cure?
No way to comfort the fire burning them up?
No way to enhance the eagerness in their stricken eyes?

Oh, how grave to see such anguish.
That grips the life and freedom of pain from them.
Pain to go on living.

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