Behind the Scenes: A Love Gift

A Love Gift 💝 is a collection of poetry gifted to anyone who's searching for love, whether from another human or from God. The poems talk about love between friends, in a family, or directed toward the Creator. 💕

Inspiration / Muse:
Nature, songs, holidays, and special people have all inspired the words in this collection. The experiences lived with those muses fueled the emotions that penned the words. I wanted to share the essence of the poems with others as a gift to reopen even when the world doesn't feel quite right.

Love makes it possible to forgive, try again, persevere, reach for the stars 💖, stay grounded, care for others 💞, nourish self 💓, believe in the impossible 💗, and heal 💔. The problem is humans keep forgetting that love is the key to many wonderful things. Perhaps, these poems will remind us.

The poems were written over a decade from middle school through college, as were my previous collections. It is eye-opening rereading the words. Some were memories while others looked to the future, like the poem Being in Love. 💘

Meaning behind the cover:
This cover was painted by the same college student who painted the covers for Real Purpose: You Are Special, Life Experienced, and Encouraging Through Sharing: A Christian's Perspective. Without knowing, she painted one of my favorite flowers--cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Impact / Tribute:
Hopefully, these poems lift the spirit of every reader, reminding them to love one another and that someone in the universe loves them too. 💟

The ninth in the Behind the Scenes series is planned for July 4, 2020.


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