Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 5

Unprecedented: Ana, Goth girl of A Beautiful Girl, interviews Kressa of Love's Intensity.

Ana: So, Kressa, what brings you to America?

Kressa: Papa lost his job and couldn't find another in Mexico.

Ana: And how does your mom know your boss?

Kressa: Mr. Bradford? They're friends from when she worked for his parents when she was about my age.

Ana: And Brad, do you like him?

Kressa: <giggles> I love him.

Ana: But he's so cocky.

Kressa: He's not so bad when you get to know him.

Ana: Look, you're a pretty girl. I'm sure you could do much better.

Kressa: How do you know?

Ana: <smirks> I am a good judge of character.  Just keep your eyes open.

Kressa: There can't be anyone else for me.  We connected.

Ana: Connected? How?

Kressa: I inherited a special power that telepathically connects me to the one I love. It can never be broken.

Ana: Wow! Good luck with that.


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