Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 6

Gina of Billiard Buddies interviews Brad of Love's Intensity:

Gina: Brad, how are things going with Kressa?

Brad: Great! She's a wonderful girl.

Gina: And what are your plans with her now that she's your girlfriend?

Brad: Hmmm, her mom's gonna read this. I'd rather not say.

Gina: Oh, okay. What about your ninja training? How did you get involved in such an exclusive group.

Brad: I'm regret I cannot tell you. As you said, it's an exclusive group and rather secretive.

Gina: Well, what can you tell me?

Brad: That life has never been the same since Kressa and her family moved in with us. <sighs> I wouldn't change that for anything. She has my heart.


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