The Collingswood Book Festival is almost here...

and the rain is coming too. I know what the weather report says, but I'm still hoping for an outdoor event even if it's cloudy. However, if the rain does come, the Festival will move to Collingswood High School. Hope to see you there.


So excited about the upcoming book festival

So, it's one week until I sit with other authors, verterans and newbies, to sell my very first Young Adult novel, A Beautiful Girl. I'm excited and nervous. So many people, friends and strangers, have said great things about my debut novel, but now thousands will have a chance to read for themselves. Sara, my main character, will take you on an emotional journey through this fast paced story. I can't wait to share her with you, fellow readers and/or writers.


My First Time at Oaklyn Memorial Library's Vendor Sale

So 3 days ago, I saw an announcement on FaceBook about a Vendor Fair in Oaklyn, NJ today, 9/17/11. I jumped at the opportunity to sell ny novel there. Though the forecast said 'partly cloudy', the air remained crisp while heavy clouds creeped over us. Fortunately, no rain splashed on my books. I sold a couple and many people accepted book marks.

Now, I look forward to participating at the Ninth Annual Collingswood Book Festival. Look for me and bring many friends.

Please shout out on my blog if I met you today or at a previous event.


2nd Saturday in Collingswood on Sep 10th, 2011

So, a night that was supposed to be riddled with scattered thunderstorms, turned out to be a warm sunny evening with lots of people walking the street. I saw a friend and his lovely wife, had a few good conversations, and sold a couple of books. Oh, yeah, and a handsome man flirted with me from a moving car. That's right, I'm married to him. All in all a great day.