Happy Birthday to Me...

My birthday wish?

That many others will give my books a chance: A Beautiful Girl, Love's Intensity, Billiard Buddies, Real Purpose: You Are Special, and Life Experienced.

That those who have read and loved my stories will leave book reviews.

Thanks for making my wish come true.

These releases have been such gifts to me. Make them a gift to someone else too.

Have a great day.

Time to party.


Favorite Writing Moments

Here are some special memories I experienced while writing/editing/proofreading my manuscripts:
  • Hearing my sons' laughter in another room
  • The cat crawling onto my lap, under my wrists, to watch me type
  • Unplugged and typing while listening to a fantastic thunderstorm
  • The dog, jealous of the cat, nudging my elbow. Oops!
  • Taking a break to read an email saying I received a book contract
  • Daring to write over 50,000 words during NanoWriMo 2011 and winning
  • Searching for my name on Amazon and seeing five books listed makes me smile in spite of editing a difficult scene
  • Receiving another great book review
  • My boys giving me a nod when I show them a good cover design
I'm so grateful for these gifts.

Here's my website where you can read excerpts and learn about my other manuscripts.


The Book That Started It All.

"A Beautiful Girl" is the first book published although originally completed after "Love' Intensity." After hearing a song about domestic abuse, I was driven to write a story teens could understand and learn important lessons about hope, friendship, and self-worth. Already, this story has touched the lives of teens and adults. That's a most precious gift.

Here's the cover for "A Beautiful Girl."



Poetry compilation "Real Purpose" already has fans.

Too many years passed before I realized my dream of releasing poems written while in high school and college. Now, that I have, those who have read these words have chosen their favorites and have told friends about my work. I look forward to publishing all four books. For now, I celebrate the release of two, just in time for my birthday.

Here's the cover for "Real Purpose: You Are Special."



Reciting Poetry/Excerpts at Open Mic Nights.

I have been privileged to read excerpts of my stories at open mic events run by poets. Once, I read a scene from "Love's Intensity" about Brad riding his horse, and one of the listeners told me he felt like he was right there in the scene. I was very encouraged. It's not easy imparting emotions via the written word. Many try, but only a few are able to pull that off.Yet another gift for which I'm grateful.

Here's the cover for "Love's Intensity."



Lovin' Billiard Buddies!

Writing a story about a woman who is great at billiards was lots of fun. I think my favorite part of releasing this story is having readers interact with me concerning how the unfolding of the plot makes them feel: happy, angry, surprised, and pleased. I've even gotten a "you better not have had such and such happen to this character" comment. My lips are sealed. My poker face is on. I'm so happy my writings can connect so closely with a person.

Here's the cover for Billiard Buddies, which, by the way, has a story all its own.



Released Another Poetry Book in Time for my Birthday Celebration.

Anyone reading my blog will know how much I enjoy celebrating birthdays. It should be no surprise that I am spending the next seven days celebrating my own. I enjoy getting books as gifts, so having released my fifth book a few days ago is a tremendous gift to myself. I just hope many readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Here's the cover for "Life Experienced" available in both paperback and Kindle format.



I Finally Released a Poetry Book!

On the heels of releasing my third book Billiard Buddies, I published the first of four poetry books titled "Real Purpose: You Are Special." This is an exciting event for me that I'd thought about doing for many years. I also had the opportunity to leave copies at Undercover Books and Gifts in St. Croix, the birthplace for most of my poetry.  I've already received a 5-star review.


Love's Intensity also received a 5-star review. I can hardly wait until its available in print for all my paperback readers.

So what's next? I suppose I better get busy writing some more scenes.