What's a Writer to do?

So about a year ago, I finished two manuscripts and began the long trek toward two publishers accepting them.  No contract yet, but I did get some interest with one of the stories and possible acceptance upon fixing a few issues.  So I have spent the last couple months using constructive feedback to update, add, fix, rearrange, and delete in order to achieve the chance of publishing my second novel.

Some have asked me about the teen romance novel in contract for a while now.  I'm learning that 'patience' is a necessary skill in this business.  So, I wait patiently for the day editing can begin.  Stay tuned.

I'm also working on improving my NanoWriMo novel, but that could take a while.

So the journey continues as I spend time with the many characters I created.

I keep on keeping on.


Where did the summer go?

It's been quite a while since I've written anything here.  I've been busy creating, updating, correcting, selling, talking, and learning.  I hung out at a Youth Advocate Program Youth Explosion on Saturday, September 8th and had a blast listening to live music and viewing creative dancing.  It was great seeing some familiar faces.
Yesterday, I discovered someone in Australia bought a couple copies of A Beautiful Girl from iBooks. How exciting to have fans from the great continent down under!  That's four countries and counting.
So now, I return to what I've been doing for the past few weeks.  Hopefully, I won't stay away as long.
In the meantime, tell your friends that A Beautiful Girl is available in all reader formats.  See the links on the left.