In Attendance at Camden Mayor's Youth Council Administrative Meeting

So after finding a parking space fairly close to City Hall in Camden, I made my way up the steps to the checkpoint.  It has been a long time since I'd entered a government building and so had forgetten the need to shed the items that would cause that wonderful metal and electronic detector beep.

Once through, I walked up the steps and headed to a meeting I will not soon forget.  Many people had already seated themselves around a long retangular table, all there to talk about how to create a better Camden City for the current and future residents and visitors.  I enjoyed an appearance by Mayor Redd and witnessed an appreciative ceremony for Sensei Anthony Lingo who runs the meeting. 

When my turn came to speak about my novel, A Beautiful Girl, I shared how it has positively affected the young people who've read Sara's story.  What I didn't expect was the standing ovation I received before taking my leave and heading back to work.  Such an honor from people who spend their days working hard to make this community a safer place to be.


Cool visitors!

The Google Blogger now has statistics, so I just learned that I've had 2 visitors from a much colder part of the planet.  Hello to fans from Kazakhstan and Russia.

How cool is that!

Circle of Women Writers

I had the greatest time on Sunday meeting with other women who write just about anything: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, novels, and words that help.  We exchanged information on sites that help us become better writers and shared our experiences.  It felt great hanging out with others who walk around with pen and paper...just in case.

It's a whole new world - being a writer - and I'm enjoying every minute.


Finally on Amazon

A Beautiful Girl is now on sale on Amazon.  This great story can be purchased for download to any reader that can read Kindle format.  If you have already purchased the paperback or PDF, please go to Amazon and leave a comment.