Resisting the tempation to use ly words

Gone are the days when I really enjoyed using ly words. Now, I am working hard to avoid them in my writing. Why? Apparently, they prevent me from using descriptive words to draw my readers into my stories. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Even as I write this blog, I've already used a couple.

So, now when an ly word enters my mind, I must find a different way to write what I want to explain. This is going to be tough. 😣


Review of "All is Assuredly Well"

All is Assuredly Well by Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson is a story about persevering love and the determination to face whatever challenges may come in order to fulfill one's dream of being a parent. An amazing story with musical cadence is crafted around King Phillip the Good and his elegant husband, The Most Excellent Don Carlos Emiliano Felipe. All had been assuredly well for them and their kingdom until the king's dream revealed a missing component to their family: a baby princess to hold and love.

What a wonderful story! Through King Phillip's journey to find a new little princess, children with same-sex parents will begin to understand how much their parents endured to find and include them in their lives.

The illustrations by Angela F. M. Trotter are fantastic. Full of vibrant color and intricate designs, the pictures on each page drew me in and filled me with a sense of awe for the magical beauty of King Phillip's kingdom.

I recommend this story to readers and artists of all ages.

Click on the cover for the link to purchase a copy.

Please visit the Blog Tour Post to read the interview with Professor Gore.

As an added bonus, I will send a copy of All is Assuredly Well to one of the commenters of this post or the blog tour post. Check back here on August 8, 2018 for the fortunate recipient.

Jess Reis is the winner of the free copy. Congratulations!


One SMART Goal Down: Create Mobile Friendly Website

After about a year of planning and over six months of copying content from the old site into the new, cassandraulrich.com is now mobile friendly. I've learned a lot along the way and look forward to discovering ways to enhance the site and introduce it to the world. It feels great to finish one of my SMART goals five months early.

Now, I get to focus on tackling the other four.

P.S. On July 30th, I got a phone call telling me a short story I wrote for a competition made the cut and will be included with twenty-four other stories in the "Beach Fun" anthology in a few months. Somehow, I squeezed this one in. The book signing is scheduled for November 10, 2018 at 2pm at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, DE.