The Holiday Season is Here...

I received my first holiday gift on Thanksgiving Day - the final edit iteration of my upcoming release "Billiard Buddies."  I am so excited.  Stay tuned for the release date for your gift giving plans.

Don't forget about "A Beautiful Girl" and "Love's Intensity" which will also make great electronic stocking stuffers.  Go here for online stores.

So, I will be turning my attention to all those stories I've placed on the back burner for the last few months - more like "ignored."  I miss those characters and can't wait to type up what I've written for the past year.

To everyone, I wish you a happy holiday season with Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa to come.  Stay safe and read many books.


Have you reviewed a book lately?

In my attempt to encourage readers to review my novels online, I've learned just how hard it is to get those reviews even if they totally loved the story.  I've also learned that the number of reviews received affects ratings which in turn affects how many see the book when they perform searches.

So, I've made a decision to review books I've read, especially those written by up-and-coming or indie authors.  Some authors have even contacted me to thank me.

I hope that everyone reading this blog will review, not only my novels, but also those by other authors.

You may leave reviews for A Beautiful Girl on my website store, Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, and Goodreads or any other site where you purchased a copy.

You may leave reviews for Love's Intensity on Wild Child Publishing, Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, and Goodreads or any other site where you purchased a copy.

Oh, and consider these teen novels for holiday gifts.


Featuring "Danny R.O.S.S." - my expression of thanks to Veterans.

(Yes, the acronym stands for something, but I'll keep that under wraps a bit longer.) :) - Story in submission.

This story was inspired by the lives and sacrifices of our military here at home and overseas as they fight to maintain the rights and freedoms of people all over the world.  The main character is a Navy SEAL to honor those SEALs who have lost their lives in combat, including those who died in the helicopter crash two years ago.  SEALs have infiltrated movies and TV shows (one of my favorite is one filmed in Hawaii with one of the coolest teams assembled).  I do hope this fictional account makes them proud.  For more, visit the page for Danny R.O.S.S.


Featuring "If It Kills Me"

I've decided to give readers a peak into a story that is currently going through the submissions process.  Recently, I resubmitted my manuscripts in the hopes of landing a contract.  It's an arduous process that involves fixing up the story to read its best, reading the submission rules, submitting, waiting, getting the rejection response or no response at all, getting input from other writers, fixing it up some more, and resubmitting again.  So, now I wait...again.

If It Kills Me is a story about an average American guy who has a problem.  He found out too late that he'd fallen for his roommate's girlfriend.  If only this story was so simple.  I'll share more as time progresses.

Wish me luck.