As if I weren't busy enough...

I've been editing two stories: one for a publisher and the other for a writer's group.  In addition to my day job, I participate in as many book events as possible.  I'm even in two choirs.  So, understand my surprise when a friend asked me if I'd be interested in narrating a play.  I politely declined this great opportunity.  Maybe next time.  There is just so much I can fit into my schedule when my brain keeps creating scenes to stories on a daily basis.  Yep, that's my life as a writer.


Remembering Heritage and Love.

It's been a busy year so far.  Yesterday, February 16th, I attended the Heritage Cultural Book Fair at Burlington County College in Pemberton, NJ and had the pleasure of seeing/hearing Fannie Lou Hamer as performed by Alma Day.  What an absolute pleasure to see history unfold before my eyes!

This followed a week of celebrating love.  Red was the color of choice for many in the form of cards, clothes, boxes of chocolates, and, of course, roses.  On February 14th, I took a break from editing my teen romance to enjoy time with family.  We can all use a break from the busyness of life sometimes.

So, now that the euphoric feelings has calmed a bit, I look toward to diving into that teen romance, intending to make it a novel no one wants to put down - kind of like the last novel I wrote.  Stay tuned for more about this story.

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Enjoy the rest of February and the diverse world around you.