Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 6

Gina of Billiard Buddies interviews Brad of Love's Intensity:

Gina: Brad, how are things going with Kressa?

Brad: Great! She's a wonderful girl.

Gina: And what are your plans with her now that she's your girlfriend?

Brad: Hmmm, her mom's gonna read this. I'd rather not say.

Gina: Oh, okay. What about your ninja training? How did you get involved in such an exclusive group.

Brad: I'm regret I cannot tell you. As you said, it's an exclusive group and rather secretive.

Gina: Well, what can you tell me?

Brad: That life has never been the same since Kressa and her family moved in with us. <sighs> I wouldn't change that for anything. She has my heart.



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 5

Unprecedented: Ana, Goth girl of A Beautiful Girl, interviews Kressa of Love's Intensity.

Ana: So, Kressa, what brings you to America?

Kressa: Papa lost his job and couldn't find another in Mexico.

Ana: And how does your mom know your boss?

Kressa: Mr. Bradford? They're friends from when she worked for his parents when she was about my age.

Ana: And Brad, do you like him?

Kressa: <giggles> I love him.

Ana: But he's so cocky.

Kressa: He's not so bad when you get to know him.

Ana: Look, you're a pretty girl. I'm sure you could do much better.

Kressa: How do you know?

Ana: <smirks> I am a good judge of character.  Just keep your eyes open.

Kressa: There can't be anyone else for me.  We connected.

Ana: Connected? How?

Kressa: I inherited a special power that telepathically connects me to the one I love. It can never be broken.

Ana: Wow! Good luck with that.



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 4

Julio is a man stuck in a world where servitude to his wife's friend, or whatever the heck he is, was the only way to keep his family fed, clothed, and sheltered. At least now he could work for the money instead of the handouts Nina had been using to stay afloat. If only he could figure out how to convince his wife to return to Mexico and prevent his daughter, Kressa, from being taken in by the boss's son, Brad.

What kind of hold does Mr. Bradford have on Nina?  Or is it she that has the hold on him?



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 3

So why in the world would Bradford hire his long time friend and her family?

He has a secret. Well, Nina knows what that secret is.  Actually, she knows how it started.  You see, Bradford has a broken heart and Nina is the only one who can help heal his heart with her special ability.

In the meantime, Rosetta, his wife is downright livid that he's brought this poor (beautiful) servant woman into her home and her daughter just as pretty.

What is she plotting?



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 2

So what's so intense about Love's Intensity?

Brad pulls off the bad boy image until Kressa and her alluring scent turns the reality he'd grown accustomed to, upside down.  He spends every moment avoiding her when all he wants to do is be near her every second.  Kressa has no idea she holds in her genetic heritage, the power to attract and connect to the one who captures her heart.

The only thing more intense is the fact that Kressa's mother, Nina, is connected telepathically to someone who's not her husband.

Guess who?



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 1

Love's Intensity started as a kind of dream.  For two months, Brad, Kressa, and their parents told me their story before I decided to write it down. Nine months later, the story for book one was complete, but it would not be the first released.  Sister novel, A Beautiful Girl, won that place of honor.

Almost a year after its release, the characters are still talking.  They continue to surprise me with the many twists and turns.  I look forward to crafting all the scenes into a prequel and sequel novels for your reading pleasure.

So what happens when a Mexican woman (Nina) and her family travels to America to work for her best friend (Bradford), the son of a couple for whom she worked so many years before?

Intense love, that's what.



Happy 4th of July Fellow Americans!

For some this is a happy day to celebrate with family and friends. For others, those family and friends are no longer around to enjoy any celebrations. And then there are those who are too far away from home, serving in the military. My heart and well wishes go out to everyone of you.

For the past few weeks, I've spent some time releasing the first of four poetry books completed in the 1990's. "Real Purpose: You Are Special" is now available on Create Space in print and on Amazon for the Kindle. The poems from all four books were written at a time in my life when I sought to discover what independence really meant in my life and in the lives of others.

In addition, I continue to write any new story ideas that pop into my mind and won't go away. I remain intent on getting back to those scenes written on paper some time ago. It'll be like putting puzzles together.

Oh, yeah, I even signed my 5th book contract for "Danny R.O.S.S." and my third with Wild Child Publishing.

For those who have read my books, don't forget to leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes&Noble and iBooks.

Come back to read posts about my celebration for Love's Intensity's first year which start July 5th.

Here are the covers of my 2014 releases, a couple examples of my writing independence.