Radio interview on WSTX 970 AM was a blast!

I had a great time talking to Mr. Adbul Ali, the host, and Mr. Eugene, a fellow writer, about my new novel A Beautiful Girl. I am also excited to hear about the Virgin Islands Writing Project work in the islands to encourage writing among students. Thanks to Mr. Ali for giving me this opportunity.


Landed a Radio Interview in St. Croix, USVI

So, after a phonecall to a St. Croix radio personality, I hung up with notes explaining when I should call on Saturday, October 29th. I hope to talk about my education in the islands and, of course, my novel A Beautiful Girl. I can hardly wait. Listen in at http://wstxam.com/ at 12:45pm.


The Treehouse - what a cool place to read.

So, I read my novel A Beautiful Girl over a two hour period today, and, even with the tired vocal cords, it was a great time. It's one thing to read to your kids. However, to read to adults? Wow, that's a whole different atmosphere. What a blast acting out my lead female and male characters with only my voice!

I also talked to some really cool people. Who knows, maybe I'll read my book or speak at a teen event someday soon.

My favorite part of the event was answering questions. I also realized that I should probably have played the song that inspired the book. Anyway, I definitely intend to do this again.

Pics taken by Tai.


Another successful 2nd Saturday in Collingswood

Once again, I enjoyed numerous conversations with friendly neighborhood residents. It was neat to see how excited they became over a local person finishing a novel. Oh, and I passed the sales person test. One gentleman bought my book just because I presented a good sales pitch. My thoughts? - I am emotionally invested in my book. I love it, so I am eager to tell others about it.

Have you read my novel yet? If so, leave a comment. If not, check out the link in the left column to "Buy A Beautiful Girl".


Great Day at the Festival!

So, the although the clouds threatened the day, the rain stayed away. My family helped me set up and, along with two friends, joined me in handing out book marks and selling books. It was cool meeting so many of you today. Please let me know what you think about my book.

I also saw a couple authors I met at the Harlem Book Fair 2011 back in July. Talk about a small world!

In addition, a few educators/librarians showed interest in my novel for their students. So excited to someday work with them.