So Excited About My Upcoming Book Signing

After making plans to sit in a coffee shop for two hours with the three books I have in print, I am hoping that I will not be alone staring at the regular customers buy their coffee to go with delicious treats. Then I remember that no matter what happens, I still have three books in print and that's pretty cool. It's amazing to see how much I've grown as a writer and poet over the past six years. Thanks to everyone who've encouraged me to keep writing the stories and poetry in my head. I'm looking forward to spending the time talking with anyone who stops by The Treehouse Coffee Shop from 1pm - 3pm on November 15, 2014.


The Leaves Are Beginning to Change

My favorite season is summer with the warmth and not having to deal with a coat or ice on the roads. However, when summer is over, I welcome the Fall with a beauty all its own showing off a variety of brilliant colors. I enjoy driving on roads lined with trees bursting with reds, yellows, and oranges. It's times like this when I don't mind the cooling temperatures.

Over the next couple months, I look forward to showing off my two new poetry books, Real Purpose and Life Experienced, to the public. I've got a few events lined up. If you're in the area, come on out.

In the meantime, I'm working on the first draft of a YA story I started soon after I began writing Love's Intensity. It's time I finish this story about a South African girl's initial experiences in America.

I'll keep you posted.


Happy Birthday to Me...

My birthday wish?

That many others will give my books a chance: A Beautiful Girl, Love's Intensity, Billiard Buddies, Real Purpose: You Are Special, and Life Experienced.

That those who have read and loved my stories will leave book reviews.

Thanks for making my wish come true.

These releases have been such gifts to me. Make them a gift to someone else too.

Have a great day.

Time to party.


Favorite Writing Moments

Here are some special memories I experienced while writing/editing/proofreading my manuscripts:
  • Hearing my sons' laughter in another room
  • The cat crawling onto my lap, under my wrists, to watch me type
  • Unplugged and typing while listening to a fantastic thunderstorm
  • The dog, jealous of the cat, nudging my elbow. Oops!
  • Taking a break to read an email saying I received a book contract
  • Daring to write over 50,000 words during NanoWriMo 2011 and winning
  • Searching for my name on Amazon and seeing five books listed makes me smile in spite of editing a difficult scene
  • Receiving another great book review
  • My boys giving me a nod when I show them a good cover design
I'm so grateful for these gifts.

Here's my website where you can read excerpts and learn about my other manuscripts.


The Book That Started It All.

"A Beautiful Girl" is the first book published although originally completed after "Love' Intensity." After hearing a song about domestic abuse, I was driven to write a story teens could understand and learn important lessons about hope, friendship, and self-worth. Already, this story has touched the lives of teens and adults. That's a most precious gift.

Here's the cover for "A Beautiful Girl."



Poetry compilation "Real Purpose" already has fans.

Too many years passed before I realized my dream of releasing poems written while in high school and college. Now, that I have, those who have read these words have chosen their favorites and have told friends about my work. I look forward to publishing all four books. For now, I celebrate the release of two, just in time for my birthday.

Here's the cover for "Real Purpose: You Are Special."



Reciting Poetry/Excerpts at Open Mic Nights.

I have been privileged to read excerpts of my stories at open mic events run by poets. Once, I read a scene from "Love's Intensity" about Brad riding his horse, and one of the listeners told me he felt like he was right there in the scene. I was very encouraged. It's not easy imparting emotions via the written word. Many try, but only a few are able to pull that off.Yet another gift for which I'm grateful.

Here's the cover for "Love's Intensity."



Lovin' Billiard Buddies!

Writing a story about a woman who is great at billiards was lots of fun. I think my favorite part of releasing this story is having readers interact with me concerning how the unfolding of the plot makes them feel: happy, angry, surprised, and pleased. I've even gotten a "you better not have had such and such happen to this character" comment. My lips are sealed. My poker face is on. I'm so happy my writings can connect so closely with a person.

Here's the cover for Billiard Buddies, which, by the way, has a story all its own.



Released Another Poetry Book in Time for my Birthday Celebration.

Anyone reading my blog will know how much I enjoy celebrating birthdays. It should be no surprise that I am spending the next seven days celebrating my own. I enjoy getting books as gifts, so having released my fifth book a few days ago is a tremendous gift to myself. I just hope many readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Here's the cover for "Life Experienced" available in both paperback and Kindle format.



I Finally Released a Poetry Book!

On the heels of releasing my third book Billiard Buddies, I published the first of four poetry books titled "Real Purpose: You Are Special." This is an exciting event for me that I'd thought about doing for many years. I also had the opportunity to leave copies at Undercover Books and Gifts in St. Croix, the birthplace for most of my poetry.  I've already received a 5-star review.


Love's Intensity also received a 5-star review. I can hardly wait until its available in print for all my paperback readers.

So what's next? I suppose I better get busy writing some more scenes.


Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 6

Gina of Billiard Buddies interviews Brad of Love's Intensity:

Gina: Brad, how are things going with Kressa?

Brad: Great! She's a wonderful girl.

Gina: And what are your plans with her now that she's your girlfriend?

Brad: Hmmm, her mom's gonna read this. I'd rather not say.

Gina: Oh, okay. What about your ninja training? How did you get involved in such an exclusive group.

Brad: I'm regret I cannot tell you. As you said, it's an exclusive group and rather secretive.

Gina: Well, what can you tell me?

Brad: That life has never been the same since Kressa and her family moved in with us. <sighs> I wouldn't change that for anything. She has my heart.



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 5

Unprecedented: Ana, Goth girl of A Beautiful Girl, interviews Kressa of Love's Intensity.

Ana: So, Kressa, what brings you to America?

Kressa: Papa lost his job and couldn't find another in Mexico.

Ana: And how does your mom know your boss?

Kressa: Mr. Bradford? They're friends from when she worked for his parents when she was about my age.

Ana: And Brad, do you like him?

Kressa: <giggles> I love him.

Ana: But he's so cocky.

Kressa: He's not so bad when you get to know him.

Ana: Look, you're a pretty girl. I'm sure you could do much better.

Kressa: How do you know?

Ana: <smirks> I am a good judge of character.  Just keep your eyes open.

Kressa: There can't be anyone else for me.  We connected.

Ana: Connected? How?

Kressa: I inherited a special power that telepathically connects me to the one I love. It can never be broken.

Ana: Wow! Good luck with that.



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 4

Julio is a man stuck in a world where servitude to his wife's friend, or whatever the heck he is, was the only way to keep his family fed, clothed, and sheltered. At least now he could work for the money instead of the handouts Nina had been using to stay afloat. If only he could figure out how to convince his wife to return to Mexico and prevent his daughter, Kressa, from being taken in by the boss's son, Brad.

What kind of hold does Mr. Bradford have on Nina?  Or is it she that has the hold on him?



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 3

So why in the world would Bradford hire his long time friend and her family?

He has a secret. Well, Nina knows what that secret is.  Actually, she knows how it started.  You see, Bradford has a broken heart and Nina is the only one who can help heal his heart with her special ability.

In the meantime, Rosetta, his wife is downright livid that he's brought this poor (beautiful) servant woman into her home and her daughter just as pretty.

What is she plotting?



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 2

So what's so intense about Love's Intensity?

Brad pulls off the bad boy image until Kressa and her alluring scent turns the reality he'd grown accustomed to, upside down.  He spends every moment avoiding her when all he wants to do is be near her every second.  Kressa has no idea she holds in her genetic heritage, the power to attract and connect to the one who captures her heart.

The only thing more intense is the fact that Kressa's mother, Nina, is connected telepathically to someone who's not her husband.

Guess who?



Seven Days of Intense Love: Day 1

Love's Intensity started as a kind of dream.  For two months, Brad, Kressa, and their parents told me their story before I decided to write it down. Nine months later, the story for book one was complete, but it would not be the first released.  Sister novel, A Beautiful Girl, won that place of honor.

Almost a year after its release, the characters are still talking.  They continue to surprise me with the many twists and turns.  I look forward to crafting all the scenes into a prequel and sequel novels for your reading pleasure.

So what happens when a Mexican woman (Nina) and her family travels to America to work for her best friend (Bradford), the son of a couple for whom she worked so many years before?

Intense love, that's what.



Happy 4th of July Fellow Americans!

For some this is a happy day to celebrate with family and friends. For others, those family and friends are no longer around to enjoy any celebrations. And then there are those who are too far away from home, serving in the military. My heart and well wishes go out to everyone of you.

For the past few weeks, I've spent some time releasing the first of four poetry books completed in the 1990's. "Real Purpose: You Are Special" is now available on Create Space in print and on Amazon for the Kindle. The poems from all four books were written at a time in my life when I sought to discover what independence really meant in my life and in the lives of others.

In addition, I continue to write any new story ideas that pop into my mind and won't go away. I remain intent on getting back to those scenes written on paper some time ago. It'll be like putting puzzles together.

Oh, yeah, I even signed my 5th book contract for "Danny R.O.S.S." and my third with Wild Child Publishing.

For those who have read my books, don't forget to leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes&Noble and iBooks.

Come back to read posts about my celebration for Love's Intensity's first year which start July 5th.

Here are the covers of my 2014 releases, a couple examples of my writing independence.




Great initial review and some cool news.

Getting a 5 star review makes me smile. It's neat that someone who purchased and read a copy of Billiard Buddies thinks it's worthy of such a sought after rating. I am ever grateful for reviews on Amazon.

In addition to this novella's wonderful start, I received news that my Navy SEAL story will receive a contract shortly. How exciting! I'm walking on air. Of course the hard work never stops and I must get the word out about all my books: A Beautiful Girl, Love's Intensity, and Billiard Buddies.   Great reads for the summer!



New Release: "Billiard Buddies"

I am excited to present my newest release, Billiard Buddies, a New Adult romance novel. It is available on Amazon and published by Keith Publications. Gina, a female pool shark, and Sean, her only matched competitor, will take you to the billiards in friendly but ruthless fashion.  Enjoy the game.  Click the cover to read and excerpt.



Happy 3rd Birthday to A Beautiful Girl!

It's day seven of a week long 3rd release anniversary celebration. Thanks so much for coming along for the ride.  Here's an uplifting excerpt from the chapter titled A Cry For Help In Desperation:
     I could hear it. I could feel it. I heard my special song, the song I heard on that beach so many years ago. I leaned forward onto my toes and inhaled deeply, infusing my insides with the music I heard.
     That made me smile.

Consider giving this novella as a gift to someone in your life.


6th Day Pick!

Excerpt from the chapter titled The Horror Continues:
     My bus was gone. ~ "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Please don't. I promise..." I begged, but my knees gave way, and he dragged me into the house.

Can anyone rescue Sara?

Paperback and PDF available on my website store.  I'll even sign the paperback when you order.

Feel free to leave a comment.


It's the 5th Day! Yeah!

Excerpt from the chapter titled Hope Exposed:
     I touched Sara's hand. That's all I did. Why did she run? I thought for sure after we played so well together, she had finally relaxed with me. ~ No...I'm still a stranger to her, and I still don't know what her baggage is.

The readers who love this story cross many boundaries from those who've experienced this story to those who have not, from one ethnic background to another, male and female. The pain is all too real and often goes unnoticed. Thank goodness individuals like Rick exist for ones like Sara.

Visit KoboBooks for an electronic copy.  Please leave reviews at your favorite online store.

What's your favorite scene?


Partying Some More on Day #4!

Excerpt from the chapter titled Clearing The Air With Song:
     I placed my left hand on the keys and started to play. Rick joined in and we played the song as if we were one. It felt glorious like this was meant to be.
     After we finished the piece, I felt a shiver. I hoped he didn't notice.
     "I want to be your friend so much, but my step-father has forbidden me to make friends with anyone." I couldn't look at him.

Music means different things to the many who appreciate it's sounds.  For Rick, it's his passion.  For Sara, it brings healing to her troubled and damaged heart.  The piano bonded these two teens at a time when friendship is the last thing Sara can afford.

This book can be found at iBooks.  Don't forget to leave a review for A Beautiful Girl.


Day #3. Celebrate with me!

Excerpt from the chapter titled Rick Notices Sara:
     I studied her as she found a seat in the back of the class. I smiled at her when she looked up, causing her olive skin to slightly redden.  I finally released her from my gaze when she turned away once more.

It's hard enough to make friends in a new place.  Even harder when you're not allowed to make friends.  Fortunately, Rick gently tapped against Sara's emotional shield until she let him in. He soon realized he needed him from the adults closest to him.

Check out Barnes&Noble for an electronic copy.  Please leave reviews if you've already read this story.


2nd day of Release Birthday Celebration!

Excerpt from the chapter titled Sara's Ugly Secret:
     Hi. My name is Sara Miller, and I'm seventeen years old. I was born in Philadelphia and have lived here all my life. Fortunately, I've always had a place to sleep and food to eat. Only problem is, I don't know who I am.

It's a bit ironic that I'm celebrating my novella's release birthday when Sara's upcoming birthday in the story is anything but a moment to celebrate. The emotional and physical pain she endures is something no one should experience, yet many do.  I wrote this story to encourage the hearts of those who have experienced abuse and think there is no one to help.

There is always someone to help.

In Sara's case, that person was Rick.

Please check out the electronic version at Smashwords.  Don't forget to leave a review once you've read this inspirational account of a young woman who rises through a tough situation.


Starting the Birthday celebration for Sara and Rick!

I enjoy celebrating birthdays, mine and others, so it's no surprise that I'd be celebrating the 3rd release birthday of A Beautiful Girl for a week.  This inspirational teen novel was released on April 7th in 2011.  I can hardly believe how the time has flown and how many people have been encouraged by Sara's story as told by Sara and Rick.

Take a peak on Amazon and be sure to leave a review if you've already read this novella.


Introducing Angela Smith's Upcoming Release "Fatal Snag"

I'd like you to meet Angela Smith who wishes to give you a sneak peek into her upcoming novel, "Fatal Snag."  She hosted me last week on her blog and I'm excited to do the same for her today.  Be sure the read the interview below.


Hollywood fashion consultant Naomi Fisher is happy to use her obsessive-compulsive planning to assist with her cousin's wedding, but her history with the sexy and sullen Chayton Chambers, the groom’s brother, terrifies her. When the groom is kidnapped at his own wedding, Chayton and Naomi rush to find an important relic to satisfy the ransom before her cousin becomes a widow before a bride. Naomi trades garters for guns as survival, and love becomes a deadly game impossible to resist.
Information about the book:
Title: Fatal Snag
Author: Angela Smith
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 17 March 2014

Amazon Buy link:

Now for the interview:

What intrigues you about Fatal Snag?
The hero, Chayton Chambers. Seriously, he and the heroine, Naomi Fisher, were two secondary characters from my first book, Burn on the Western Slope, who became stronger than I had expected them. So naturally, they had to have their own story. I’m intrigued by the entire series because of the setting (a small, fictional town on the ski slopes of Montana) and the heroes are somewhat extreme outdoor adventurers.

What is your favorite aspect of reading a novel?
I love the characters and I love it when the setting is like a character.

Are you a plotter, a panster, or both?
A panster at first, although once I get midway through I’ll stop and do some plotting.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one book with you, what would you take?
The bible because it’s a fascinating read and has many different stories. Science fiction, thriller, paranormal and romance can all be found within the pages, and if I were stranded all by myself, I’d want to feel inspired and hopeful. The bible can do that for me.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one song with you, what would you take?
Sweet Child of Mine, by Guns N’ Roses

Are you working on any projects right now?
Yes! Finalizing my third and final book in this series, and have a draft started on a new story.

Do you see writing as a career?

If you had the career of your choice, what would you choose and why?
A full-time writer.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Sometimes, just sitting my butt in the chair and getting started, especially after a long day of work.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I would tell myself to keep fighting, keep writing, keep dreaming and do not stop, do not wallow, do not give up!!! Oh, and especially not to take 5 years off from my dream of writing after publishing my first novel.

Have you always wanted to be an author?
I was about nine years old when I discovered I wanted to be a writer, although I’m pretty sure I knew at birth.  My mom read so much to me that I could recite books before I was able to read, and then she gave me romance novels with words I could barely pronounce, must less tell you the meaning.  And yet I didn’t end up damaged.  I always thought I’d like to write but didn't give it a try until I spent a week with my aunt, who wrote poetry.  She helped my sister and me pass the time with writing and told us it was okay if we just wanted to rewrite a movie that we loved and write it how we would want it to go.   Right about that time, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and writing helped me get through those first few years.  Writing was just something I knew I had to.
What is your most interesting writing quirk?
I don’t really have a writing quirk.  I can write anywhere, anytime, with or without any habits I might have devised.

Where do you get your ideas for your novels?
Oh, everywhere!   Life, news, events, dreams.  It’s hard to say.  I personally like to believe my stories are about characters that exist in a different realm and speak to me, begging me to tell the world their story.  Sometimes there’s a lot of murkiness between our realms and I have to work hard to listen.  
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
True love is worth fighting for, and sometimes miscommunication can damage something really good. Love is a mystery and takes work to solve, but it’s all worth it in the end.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?
Website: http://www.loveisamystery.com     


Surprise flashed through his brain, but he narrowed his eyes before it had a chance to erupt on his face. He edged closer. In her heels, her nose usually touched his chin, but now the top of her head came under his chin. Her breath curled around his cheek, exerting an agitated pull on his hormones that left him shaky and hesitant. He camouflaged that hesitation with cockiness and confidence.
She inched her nose higher. He leaned down to look at her, his face a fingerbreadth from hers. “Maybe that’s your problem,” he grumbled. “Maybe you can’t get over the fact that I never tried to kiss you.”
He closed in on her, pinning her against the wall as he settled his hands on the wall near her head. She couldn’t move with him so near and he made a point to trap her.
He remained that way for several seconds, staring into blue eyes of defiance as they breathed in each other’s breath. His pulse hinged precariously close to plunging overboard and disrupting his steady poise, but for now he held on.
Then he kissed her. Hard. Briefly. Fervidly. Heat traversed from his toes, agitating his shaky thighs and roosting in his loins only to explode behind his eyes.
She deepened the kiss, a slight brush of her tongue against his. He held on another brief moment then dropped his hands and backed away before his point became futile. Swiping a hand across his mouth, he pinned her with a hard gaze. “Is that better?”
“I’m not here to ask your forgiveness.”

 About the Author:

During her senior year in high school, Angela Smith was dubbed most likely to write a novel, and that has been her dream ever since her mother read Brer Rabbit to her and her sister so often that they were able to recite it back to each other before actually learning to read. She’s always enjoyed stories about the adventure of love, and getting involved in the legal field developed her love of suspense. A certified paralegal, work gives her perfect fodder for her romantic suspense stories. When not caring for her small farm or spending time with her husband of two decades, she enjoys creating, reading, and dreaming of the places she’ll visit one day. 

Angela Smith LOVES talking to readers. You can contact her in the following ways: