"Love's Intensity" is officially all mine!

As of January 1st, Wild Child Publishing closed its virtual doors and returned printing rights for "Love's Intensity" back to me. I made the call to self-publish this novel that is near and dear to my heart. I was so close to having it out in print before the closure, but it is definitely still my plan. Hopefully, 2017 will be the year it finally happens.

Check out the new cover (pretty much the same except my logo replaces WCP's).


Now, I'm the publisher of 5 books. 😊


Welcome to 2017!

The journey continues. I had a twin release of poetry books "Encouraging Through Sharing: A Christian's Perspective" and "A Love Gift" in June 2016. "Billiard Buddies" finally came out in print in December 2016. I learned that three of my novels, one published and two in contract, would need a new publishing house. I took "Love's Intensity" under my wing, but I've decided to submit the other two to another publisher, so we'll see what happens.

South Jersey Writers' Group is amazing. I've made many friends there and the networking is super. I'm so glad I joined them in 2015.

Oh, and I'm still working on the novel about the South African girl.

Now, if only I can get those scenes on sheets of paper finally typed in. (See this post from 2014).

Check out my 2016 releases.



Thanks so much for your encouragement and support. More to come in 2017.
And please leave reviews for the ones you've read. I really need them. Help me get over 30 reviews per release.


Middle School Review of "Linked" by Olive Peart

This book is about a black teenage boy, Greg, and a white teenage boy, Steve, that switch bodies. Both of the boys have similar problems with their parents and each other tries to fix those problems. Steve has an abusive father that abuses his mom. Greg’s parents are divorced. When they switched bodies, they had a psychic link that allowed them to talk to each other from far distances. They spent the entire story trying to switch back. I would not suggest this book for middle schoolers because it has foul language and abusive content.

Tai, 8th Grade

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