I signed my third book contract!

Yesterday, I signed a contract with Keith Publications.  I am super excited to work on publishing another story.  It's going to be interesting editing two manuscripts at the same time.  This is going to be some ride.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your time with family and friends.  I wish you safe travels whereever you go.


Exciting Happenings!

So, I've been busy working on improving the teen romance.  It's funny how a writer continues to create even during the editing phase.  I am totally enjoying the process.

Last Monday, I received super news.  I got a contract for yet another manuscript.  The happiness I experienced trumped the previous rejections for this manuscript.  Sneak peek: It's a story involving a female billiards shark.

This is my third contract and the biggest lesson I've learned on the business side of creativity is an author must read every word whether or not a lawyer reads it.  Sometimes they miss errors too.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I am foremost grateful to God for good health and the family and friends who surround me.  Next, I'm thankful for a job as many are struggling this holiday season.  Lastly, I appreciate the gift of writing and the enjoyment it brings to others.

Happy Thanksgiving!