Preparing My Creations


After spending a successful Camp Nano fixing my screenplay and expanding my anthology, I continue to finetune these manuscripts. It will be some time before they are ready for release, but the act of creating, reorganizing, and editing has brought me some happiness in the midst of a time that's still heavy with challenges. 

I also recorded a small bit for a book trailer Chicken Soup for the Soul will be posting for "I'm Speaking Now." I am so excited about this book's upcoming release on June 1, 2021.

In addition, I make time to write new scenes for three works in progress, novel-sized manuscripts that have required much research to develop. I will share more about these in future posts.

I'm super grateful that the act of writing has shown benefits by relieving stress built up during the day. 😀


Gearing up for Camp Nano


So what's a writer to do five months after NaNoWriMo? Camp Nano! It's time to edit a screenplay translated from my novella, A Beautiful Girl. I've wanted to do this soon after the release date back in 2011. I'm so grateful to have friends who have written many screenplays agree to help me during this part of my journey as an author. 


Spending Time With Zale

When Zale's Tale first made its debut, I'd planned for a simple trilogy as Zale grew up into a merman over two decades. Since then, his story has blossomed into at least four parts with a possible spin-off. I've been quite busy editing this story as the main feature for the upcoming release of the Zale's Tale and Other Shorts Anthology. 

It's been quite an oceanic adventure.


Diving Into Some Soup


Last month, I submitted thirteen short stories/poems to three Chicken Soup for the Soul themes. It's been over four years since I tried. Nothing came of it. Even a few of my author friends attempted to get in at the time but didn't make it. I wasn't so sure I ought to pursue this path. However, after seeing a tweet about submissions from Black women, I tried again. This time, I experienced some success. Two of my stories have been chosen for the release of one of the themes later this year.

A great way to start 2021.


It's 2021. What now?

New beginnings are welcome, especially this year. However, it's tempered by the lingering traces of the previous year. My prayer and hope for improvements in human characteristics continue. I've been both happy and saddened by the things I witnessed. What I find interesting is how much of the turmoil blossomed in my writing, my therapeutic outlet.

Despite the cloud that hung over 2020, I released three novels that had been languishing in my queue for years. Now, I can focus on other stories itching to make their debut.

I wish you a Happy New Year. Let's see how we can make this year better than the last. 


NaNoWriMo2020 Fever

 Nine years after my first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I participated again, this time to work on an anthology.

On November 1st, I published Danny R.O.S.S., the story I wrote during NaNoWriMo2011. After releasing my third book this year, I'd intended on taking a bit of a break. Instead, I signed up to writing 50K words in thirty days to encourage a friend during her first NaNoWriMo. This move proved to be a win-win as we both have successfully achieved our goals. What's interesting is that I crossed the 50K line on the same day as I did nine years ago--on the 27th.

Now, I get to spend 2021 editing all those stories. 😊


I did it! Three releases in one year.

 And what a year it has been. 

I remember planning out 2020 with the intention of relaunching Love's Intensity and publishing two stories, If It Kills Me and Danny R.O.S.S., both of which had been contracted previously with small house traditional publishers. With the closing of those companies, I was left with the decision to try other publishing houses or take the leap into self-publishing these manuscripts. This meant hiring editors and cover designers. Then, the stay-at-home order hit. 

I reassessed and forged ahead despite the unknowns swirling around me. I reached out to a few people, not knowing if they'd be up for working with me. Some said yes, and others said no. With additional pieces coming together, I said a prayer and planned out the release dates: 7/11, 9/21, and 11/1. Though this year has not been free of sickness for my extended family, I persevered. Staying focused helped me deal with the unsettling moods popping up around me.

I present to you my three 2020 releases. Check them out on Amazon and please leave reviews. They are much appreciated.