Tis the Season...

I love the holiday season. I enjoy staring at the colorful lights, ooh and aahing at a variety of nativity scenes and wishing my friends "Happy Chanukah", "Merry Christmas", "Happy Kwanzaa", and "Happy Boxing Day" for whichever one they celebrate. Saying "Happy Holidays" is much too impersonal for me. As for me, Jesus's birthday celebration is the one I grew up with. Oh, how I love to celebrate birthdays!

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in two vendor fairs, one at a high school and the other for Circle of Ten. I had a great time at both and met some neat people, including Dr. Stanley El, with whom I will have a radio interview (89.7 WGLS FM) at Rowan University on December 21st at 5pm.

In the meantime, and noteworthy for the fans of A Beautiful Girl, Rick (one of my main characters) has been flooding my mind with conversation and scenes. Sara (the focus of the story) has not been silent either. I believe I'm on the path to writing a sequel.

So, now I'm off to immerse myself in all the good this holiday season has to offer.

Be safe!


Radio Interview was a Blast!

Talking to Elisa was so cool and I'm so excited I got to meet her, if only by phone...so far. I hope many of my family/friends got to listen in. I had fun sharing my gift and hope that many can benefit from the story. I wonder what's next.


Another radio interview

So I just got a message on FaceBook inviting me to a radio interview with Elisa O'Keefe-Smith tomorrow, December 1st, at http://www.wdkkradio.com/programming/the-melbadelphia-show/ around 8:30pm. Totally amazing. I hope many people can listen in.


The Day After I Won NaNo 2011

So after spending the last 27 days writing at a sprint pace, I miss my character Danny R.O.S.S. It a kind of mourning really, but no one warned me. Images of the story dance around my head, but nothing new (at least not yet) to write down. So I suppose I better move on quickly to the story I was editing/updating before NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) began. I miss those characters too and their story isn't finished (at least not yet).


I conquered the Crazies (Winner of NaNoWriMo)

So I started writing my newest novel on November 3rd (2 days late) and just finished today, November 27th (3 days early) with a whopping 51,163 word count. Amazing and Unbelievable! I'm excited and surprised. With a full month, I never thought I had a chance. Now, I have a story about a Navy SEAL that I thoroughly enjoyed writing, though some parts were tough to get on paper. Can't wait to publish this novel someday.


Pausing to Give Thanks for writing and meeting with Circle of Ten.

On a day when most Americans eat turkey and remember things for which they are grateful, I will also be writing. Yesterday, I came within a few hundred words of catching up with the word schedule for NaNoWriMo. Although finding time during the busy holiday weekend will be tricky, I am grateful to God for giving me the ability to write a story in a month.

I am also grateful to Him and Cheryl for giving me the opportunity to meet the girls of Circle of Ten this past Tuesday evening. Their enthusiasm for the written word brightened my day (in spite of the heavy rainfall). I totally enjoyed reading them parts of my novel A Beautiful Girl and answering their many wonderfully detailed questions. I can't wait to meet with them again to discuss the story after they've read it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Yeah...I'm crazy

I really wouldn't be attempting this if I didn't love writing stories I make up in my head. I wouldn't be spending whatever spare time I could squeeze out of my already packed schedule to forge ahead toward a 50K word book. Even though I've only written 27K when it should have been 33K as of 11/20/11, I keep writing because the story has grown on me. I'm writing about a Navy SEAL, and with all the talk about members of our military returning home for the holidays, my character has become more than just a name in my story. He is filled with the strength and struggle that embody the men and women who defend our country. So, yes, I am crazy enough to keep on writing. I don't want to let him down now.


Can't believe I'm still writing

Well, it's November 8th and I'm still interested in this story and the main characters I created on November 1st. Wrote over 4,500 since Sunday. Continually closing the gap, but still behind schedule. I'm hoping I can catch up before my busy weekend.


Still writing for NanoWriMo

Wrote over 4,000 words the past couple days even with an otherwise packed weekend. I'm still running a behind schedule, but I'm slowly closing the gap. Hopefully, I can catch up by next weekend. Time will tell. Now, it's time for bed.


And the crazyness continues...

So, last night after my last post, after I corrected schoolbooks, after dinner, after a long day at work, I typed over 1,500 words for my newest story. Even after I shut down the computer, my brain didn't stop flashing scenes to the story. Now, that I'm refreshed on this, the 5th day of my nano adventure, I prepare for the battle with word count. Here I go...again.


I must be crazy

So, on October 29th, I attended what I thought to be an open mic night at The Treehouse coffee shop. Instead, I found myself in the middle of a meeting to usher in NanoWriMo, National Novel Writers Month. At first I thought "No way can I write a 50,000 word novel in one month" (from November 1st through November 30th), especially with my already hectic schedule. However, here I am four days after the starting date attempting a crazy, adventurous feat. Thousands of writers all over the globe are in the process of writing novels this month. Most of them spent the last year planning, plotting, and researching for this momentous occasion. I decided to join the frenzy and thought up a story on November 1st, sketched out a plot on November 2nd, and started writing on November 3rd. I would need to write 1,667 words per day to make the goal. As of November 3rd, all I have is 924 words. Well, here goes something. Stay tuned.


Radio interview on WSTX 970 AM was a blast!

I had a great time talking to Mr. Adbul Ali, the host, and Mr. Eugene, a fellow writer, about my new novel A Beautiful Girl. I am also excited to hear about the Virgin Islands Writing Project work in the islands to encourage writing among students. Thanks to Mr. Ali for giving me this opportunity.


Landed a Radio Interview in St. Croix, USVI

So, after a phonecall to a St. Croix radio personality, I hung up with notes explaining when I should call on Saturday, October 29th. I hope to talk about my education in the islands and, of course, my novel A Beautiful Girl. I can hardly wait. Listen in at http://wstxam.com/ at 12:45pm.


The Treehouse - what a cool place to read.

So, I read my novel A Beautiful Girl over a two hour period today, and, even with the tired vocal cords, it was a great time. It's one thing to read to your kids. However, to read to adults? Wow, that's a whole different atmosphere. What a blast acting out my lead female and male characters with only my voice!

I also talked to some really cool people. Who knows, maybe I'll read my book or speak at a teen event someday soon.

My favorite part of the event was answering questions. I also realized that I should probably have played the song that inspired the book. Anyway, I definitely intend to do this again.

Pics taken by Tai.


Another successful 2nd Saturday in Collingswood

Once again, I enjoyed numerous conversations with friendly neighborhood residents. It was neat to see how excited they became over a local person finishing a novel. Oh, and I passed the sales person test. One gentleman bought my book just because I presented a good sales pitch. My thoughts? - I am emotionally invested in my book. I love it, so I am eager to tell others about it.

Have you read my novel yet? If so, leave a comment. If not, check out the link in the left column to "Buy A Beautiful Girl".


Great Day at the Festival!

So, the although the clouds threatened the day, the rain stayed away. My family helped me set up and, along with two friends, joined me in handing out book marks and selling books. It was cool meeting so many of you today. Please let me know what you think about my book.

I also saw a couple authors I met at the Harlem Book Fair 2011 back in July. Talk about a small world!

In addition, a few educators/librarians showed interest in my novel for their students. So excited to someday work with them.


The Collingswood Book Festival is almost here...

and the rain is coming too. I know what the weather report says, but I'm still hoping for an outdoor event even if it's cloudy. However, if the rain does come, the Festival will move to Collingswood High School. Hope to see you there.


So excited about the upcoming book festival

So, it's one week until I sit with other authors, verterans and newbies, to sell my very first Young Adult novel, A Beautiful Girl. I'm excited and nervous. So many people, friends and strangers, have said great things about my debut novel, but now thousands will have a chance to read for themselves. Sara, my main character, will take you on an emotional journey through this fast paced story. I can't wait to share her with you, fellow readers and/or writers.


My First Time at Oaklyn Memorial Library's Vendor Sale

So 3 days ago, I saw an announcement on FaceBook about a Vendor Fair in Oaklyn, NJ today, 9/17/11. I jumped at the opportunity to sell ny novel there. Though the forecast said 'partly cloudy', the air remained crisp while heavy clouds creeped over us. Fortunately, no rain splashed on my books. I sold a couple and many people accepted book marks.

Now, I look forward to participating at the Ninth Annual Collingswood Book Festival. Look for me and bring many friends.

Please shout out on my blog if I met you today or at a previous event.


2nd Saturday in Collingswood on Sep 10th, 2011

So, a night that was supposed to be riddled with scattered thunderstorms, turned out to be a warm sunny evening with lots of people walking the street. I saw a friend and his lovely wife, had a few good conversations, and sold a couple of books. Oh, yeah, and a handsome man flirted with me from a moving car. That's right, I'm married to him. All in all a great day.


What I'm up to...

While A Beautiful Girl continues to get wonderful reviews, I wait patiently for the editor at Wild Child Publishing to contact me about beginning the editing process. In the meantime, I've submitted a third manuscript to an agent. As always the waiting it challenging. Nevertheless, I'm filling my time getting a fourth manuscript ready for submission. Oh, and did I mention, I'm thinking up new stories all the time?


I'm Going to Harlem Book Fair 2011 on July 23rd

I'm reading my novel A Beautiful Girl on Saturday. Check out http://www.qbr.com/young-readers-2011-2.asp to see when I'm up. Thousands of people are expected to be there.


2nd Saturday in Collingswood on July 9th

My second time sitting on Haddon Avenue in front of The Collingswood Book Trader was a success. I made friends with another author, Larry, who sat with me and I even sold a few copies. Hi-light of the evening was the hug I received from a little princess who walked by with her mom and younger sister. :)


Copy of "A Beautiful Girl" purchased at local book store

So cool to have sold a copy of my novel at Collingswood Book Trader on June 25th. It's the first one anyone bought at that store.


2nd Saturday in Collingswood on June 11th

Attended my first ever 2nd Saturday event in Collingswood. Had a blast speaking to many people and even made a sale. So glad the rain held off.


Welcome to my blog.

I'm entering the world of blogging. As with most things I write, there is always a purpose for it. The purpose of this blog... quite simply to feed my creativity and hopefully inspire yours.

Feel free to share what you think about my new novel.